Randy’s wedding gift to his new bride, Sabrina.

Bob’s anniversary gift to his wife, Sylvia.

Jonathan’s love song to his girlfriend, Brittany.

Proposal or Wedding – Be the first to use it!


My name is Elliot Astur and I’m a Pittsburgh-based singer/songwriter. While I write all kinds of music, I particularly enjoy writing love songs. It may seem cliche, but these are the songs that truly leave an emotional footprint. Whether it’s your wedding, anniversary, marriage proposal, or just because… this is a gift to be cherished for a lifetime.

Simply choose the song from above that you prefer, and I will customize it to fit the story of your relationship. Present it as a gift to your partner, or a tribute to you both as a couple. You can then add an optional video, featuring your photos and truly bringing your song to life.

Ask about additional song options, currently in the works. Want a completely unique song, written from scratch? See the Soulmate option below. I take on several of these per year. Let’s talk and see what type of song is best suited for you and your partner.

Get in touch via the form below or email We’ll discuss your song, including pricing and process, and we’ll start making music!


Love Song Request


  • Fully produced song
  • Lyrics customized to fit your relationship
  • New vocal performance
  • Private link/download to your song on Soundcloud


  • Fully produced song
  • Lyrics customized to fit your relationship
  • New vocal performance
  • Beautiful video featuring your photos
  • Private Vimeo-hosted link to your video


I approached Elliot to make a song for my wife for my wedding present to her, and I’m very glad I did. She loved it! Elliot was very helpful, guiding me through the entire process easily. He was very good at providing suggestions and was quick to reply to all of my questions and comments. He was able to take my list of rambling thoughts and turn them into a coherent, amazing song that will last forever. If you’re looking for a unique, thoughtful gift, go with Elliot. You’ll be glad you did!
Jonathan sent this to me, and about 15 seconds into it, I started crying! I couldn’t believe he got me such a romantic gift, and for no occasion other than to show his love for me. Well, we had been planning a special night out, and this was just the perfect way to set it all in motion. The song is beautiful, and hearing my name in the lyrics… I just can’t stop listening. I will treasure this for the rest of my life. Jonathan, you hit it out of the park! I highly recommend Iwillsingforyou and Elliot if you need the most romantic gift ever!


Hi, my name is Elliot Astur. I’m a singer/songwriter living in Pittsburgh’s iconic Strip District, where I write and record songs in my home studio. My voice has a bit of raspiness. I’ve heard comparisons ranging from Bryan Adams and Richard Marx to Ed Sheeran and Lifehouse.

So what’s this all about?

Music has a huge effect on our emotions, and a great song can make that special moment in our lives even more memorable. But how about a song personalized just for you and/or your partner? Now you can have one! Just reach out via the form above, or drop me an email, and I will be in touch shortly.


I can’t wait to start writing YOUR song!