Is my credit card payment secure?
Yes. We use Stripe for credit card payments. Stripe is a global online payment processor that is trusted by thousands of businesses across the globe. Stripe is a PCI Service Provider Level 1 which is the highest grade of payment processing security. All credit card numbers are encrypted and safely stored in Stripe’s state of the art data-center, and all transactions are SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protected. Learn more about Stripe here.
Wait, I can pay with my Amazon account?
Yes, if you have an account with, you can use that to pay. Simply choose that option on checkout and you will then sign in with your Amazon account and complete your purchase. You are not purchasing a product from Amazon, but you are simply using your Amazon account, with your stored payment information, to make a purchase from Learn more about Amazon Pay here.
How do I purchase a SONGbite?
Simply click the “Get This Song” button under the SONGbite you want. Then, follow the quick checkout process, and your SONGbite wil be on its way!
Do I have to upload a photo?
We highly recommend you provide us a photo. Otherwise, we can provide the video with no background image. It would just include lyrics on a blank background. A photo really ads that emotional connection that makes our SONGbites so powerful. We are working on other background options for those who would rather not submit a photo. Stay tuned!
What size should the photo be?
A photo of at least 1920×1080 is preferred. It should be landscape (rectangle) in orientation so that it fits the video. We will crop photos that don’t fit these specs to the best of our ability, This may result in bluriness (if the photo is too small) or cropping away areas of the photo that you wish to remain. We will do our best with what you send!
What file types do you accept for the photo?
We prefer JPG. This is what you generally have on your phone, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and will yield the best results. We can also work with GIF, PNG, and TIFF
How long do I have to wait for my SONGbite after I place my order?
You will get your SONGbite within 3-5 days. We try to get it to you within 3 days, but it may take an additional day or two, depending how many SONGbites are in the queue. I do sing them all personally! -Elliot
So it's a video? Can I download it?
Yes. We host our SONGbites on Vimeo. You’ll receive a link to a private page on Vimeo and there is an option to download your video at various resolutions. The best way to share it is by simply passing along the Vimeo link in the browser address bar, which is private and unique to your SONGbite.
Where do you send my SONGbite once it’s ready?
You’ll receive a link to your SONGbite at the email address you provided upon checkout. Then, you can pass that link on to the recipient at any time. Text it, email it, hold up your phone and play it for them in person. Whatever works!
I ordered a SONGbite, but I didn't receive an email from you. What happened?
More than likely, we did send you an email, and it’s in your spam or junk folder. Especially if you use Gmail. Please check those folder to see if our email is in there. If you still can’t locate it, contact us at and we’ll get to the bottom of it.
Can you sing more than one name in a SONGbite?
Each SONGbite is crafted to include a single name. However, I can probably make it work! Simply include the names you want in the checkout form, and I’ll give it my best shot. If it’s not going to work, I will contact you and we’ll come up with a plan B.
Can I sing the name of the person who I want to send my SONGbite to?
We can’t accommodate this currently. All SONGbites are uniquely crafted and recorded in our studio. This might be something we offer down the road.
Do you offer discounts for businesses who want to buy SONGbites for their team members?
Absolutely! Especially for high volume orders, Please contact for more information.
Still have questions?
Contact and we’ll get you answers as soon as possible.