The holiday-themed vibe makes this an ideal gift during those festive, romantic weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The perfect way to let that special someone in your life know how you feel. Send her this original song, customized with her name. That’s right, I will sing your partner’s name in the song so it’s personalized just for her. You’ll get a lyric video with a photo background (you can submit your own photo), just like the one above. Then, watch her face light up as she watches and listens to this very unique gift. Email it, text it, or send it however you see fit. The bottom line, it’s the most creative and romantic way to show your partner just how much she means to you.

To order… click the button below, fill out the short form, and you’ll get a link to your song/video (called a SONGbite) within 3-5 days. The rest is up to you. Good luck!!