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Hi, my name is Elliot Astur. I’m a singer/songwriter living in Pittsburgh’s iconic Strip District, where I write and record songs in my home studio.

I’ve been writing songs for as long as I can remember. There have been times when I was on the brink of “commercial success.” And other times when I felt “why am I doing this?” The answer to that question is emphatically… I can’t NOT write songs. Melodies are always swimming around in my head, whether I like it or not. And truthfully, I absolutely love it! And this is what drives I hope you enjoy your experience here, and there’s a bit more background below should you be inclined to read on.

What is

At the end of 2016, I decided to shake up my life a bit by leaving my beloved Queens neighborhood in NY to live in Pittsburgh, PA. It’s a city on the rise with friendly people and a real entrepreneurial spirit .  I needed a change of scenery to focus on this new venture of mine, creating short personalized songs for all sorts of occasions, easily passed along via text message or email. After numerous creative and technical hurdles, I have finally reached the point where I’m happy to share my SONGbites with the world.

Nothing about my songwriting process is automated or cookie-cutter. I craft each song to be catchy, edgy, and with just the right amount of emotion. I want you to feel something when you receive my SONGbite, and my hope is it’s something you’ll cherish and choose to listen to again and again.  At least, that’s what I set out for when I create these, from the composition to the instrumentation, and ultimately, the singing.

Personalized SONGbites

Personalized SONGbites provide a truly unique gift experience, They have very cool animated backgrounds, lyrics, and I will sing the name just for you!  You can even upload your own photo to be used as the video background.

Currently available SONGbites include Anniversary, Birthday, Romance, Get Well, Apology, Inspiration, Achievement and Get a Date with many more in the works.  Makes a great gift or “gift add-on” for something extra special.

So come back often, and send someone a SONGbite, it’ll make their day!