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Is your friend or loved one feeling down? Or maybe it’s you that needs a little spark. Sometimes the world can be cruel, but there’s always a chance to start fresh and live life on your terms. This song is a reminder that things will get better. Send it as a gift, or even send it to yourself. It will be customized with the name of your choice. That’s right, I will sing the name so that your song is personalized. You’ll get a lyric video with a photo background (you can submit a photo), just like the one above. Then, watch your friend or loved one cheer up, or use it to inspire yourself each night before bedtime. Email it, text it, or simply play it on your phone. The bottom line, everyone needs a little inspiration, and this song is the perfect reminder that you can live the Life You Choose.

To order… click the button below, fill out the short form, and you’ll get a link to your song/video (called a SONGbite) within 3-5 days. Get inspired!!