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Randy’s wedding gift to his new bride, Sabrina.

Jonathan’s love song to his girlfriend, Brittany.

A Gift to Last a Lifetime

My name is Elliot Astur and I’m a Pittsburgh-based singer/songwriter. While I write all kinds of music, I particularly enjoy writing love songs. It may seem cliche, but these are the songs that truly leave an emotional footprint. Whether it’s your wedding, anniversary, marriage proposal, or just because… this is a gift to be cherished for a lifetime.

Writing an original song can be quite an undertaking.  I take great care in crafting and producing a song that can be considered “hit quality.”  Of course, writing a hit song as like winning the lottery, but this is the level I aim for. This ensures that you get a truly memorable gift. I take on a limited number of these per year, so let’s talk and see what type of song is best suited for you and your partner.

Get in touch via the form below or email We’ll discuss your song, including pricing and process, and we’ll start making music!

Love Song Request