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While recovering from surgery, I had reached a plateau where progress seemed to stop and pain was relentless. One difficult afternoon I received my songbite that Elliot created for me at the request of my son. It reminded me of what is important and worth fighting for. Elliot has a unique  gift and I will treasure this message forever.

Lyla’s Lullaby is the MOST beautiful and original gift my baby girl will ever receive. I cried when i heard it and we all continue to watch it over and over.  We will undoubtably cherish this for a lifetime. Every time i play her the song and video she is just in awe.  When she watches the video, her facial expressions are so cute as she recognizes herself and her dad in the photo. She hears her own name and we sing along and she knows it’s something special just for her.  It’s such a unique, sweet, creative and thoughtful gift and I can’t wait to buy one for all my friends with babies!

I approached Elliot to make a song for my wife for my wedding present to her, and I’m very glad I did. She loved it! Elliot was very helpful, guiding me through the entire process easily. He was very good at providing suggestions and was quick to reply to all of my questions and comments. He was able to take my list of rambling thoughts and turn them into a coherent, amazing song that will last forever. If you’re looking for a unique, thoughtful gift, go with Elliot. You’ll be glad you did!

I was delighted when I received my SONGbite from a friend at midnight on my birthday.  The “You Did It” song was perfect, as every birthday is indeed an achievement!  I spent the entire next day showing it to everyone I know.  And then playing it again for myself a few times that night before my Bday came to an end.  What a day, and what a great gift! I highly recommend when you need a gift, or even just to express a basic sentiment.  I can’t wait to send SONGbites to my friends and family the next time an occasion calls for it.

Jonathan sent this to me, and about 15 seconds into it, I started crying! I couldn’t believe he got me such a romantic gift, and for no occasion other than to show his love for me. Well, we had been planning a special night out, and this was just the perfect way to set it all in motion. The song is beautiful, and hearing my name in the lyrics… I just can’t stop listening. I will treasure this for the rest of my life. Jonathan, you hit it out of the park! I highly recommend Iwillsingforyou and Elliot if you need the most romantic gift ever!