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While recovering from surgery, I had reached a plateau where progress seemed to stop and pain was relentless. One difficult afternoon I received my songbite that Elliot created for me at the request of my son. It reminded me of what is important and worth fighting for. Elliot has a unique  gift and I will treasure this message forever.

I was delighted when I received my SONGbite from a friend at midnight on my birthday.  The “You Did It” song was perfect, as every birthday is indeed an achievement!  I spent the entire next day showing it to everyone I know.  And then playing it again for myself a few times that night before my Bday came to an end.  What a day, and what a great gift! I highly recommend when you need a gift, or even just to express a basic sentiment.  I can’t wait to send SONGbites to my friends and family the next time an occasion calls for it.

Jonathan sent this to me, and about 15 seconds into it, I started crying! I couldn’t believe he got me such a romantic gift, and for no occasion other than to show his love for me. Well, we had been planning a special night out, and this was just the perfect way to set it all in motion. The song is beautiful, and hearing my name in the lyrics… I just can’t stop listening. I will treasure this for the rest of my life. Jonathan, you hit it out of the park! I highly recommend Iwillsingforyou and Elliot if you need the most romantic gift ever!